Step 1: Pricing, Samples, Applications

Here in Nova Scotia, our liquor regulation is controlled by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC). They regulate all liquor products moving in and out of the province. They also own and operate the majority of retail stores in the province. However, there are also a few other privately owned retail stores that provide their own unique portfolio of products.

The first step is establishing the pricing. Using the suppliers FOB price (wholesale cost), we are able to work out the estimated retail price point. Using a pricing model, we are able to account for NS taxes, NSLC mark-up (102% on cider), freight, duty, and deposit. In order to properly complete the pricing model, we require the following supplier information:

  • FOB cost per case
  • Format of packaged good
  • Minimal order amount and mixed pallet availability
  • Warehouse location
  • Product description 

After acquiring this information, King's Barrel would then be able to approach local buyers. Once interest is expressed, we would then need to arrange for samples to be sent to NS. The shipment of samples is the responsibility of the supplier. Using a courier of the suppliers choice (DHL, FedEx, est.), the samples are then sent to the NSLC head office.

Once accepted for purchase, King's Barrel would then complete all the required NSLC applications, confirm purchase orders with suppliers, and become a liaison between the NSLC and supplier. 

Step 2: Shipment of Product to NS

From here, the process is straight forward. The buyer places an order with the NSLC, the NSLC creates a Purchase Order (PO) and sends it to the supplier. Once the PO is received, the supplier assembles the order and coordinates pick-up with the NSLC's Freight Forwarder (the FF will be identified on the PO). The FF will pick-up the order directly from your designated warehouse. 

Once the product has been picked-up, the supplier send's the NSLC an invoice for the order. Once the product has landed in NS, the NSLC will pay the supplier within 30 days (some follow-up is required).  

After the supplier receives payment for the order, they would then send King's Barrel payment for services rendered (15-20% mark-up on FOB price).

Step 3: Marketing and Sales

When the product has arrived and is available for purchase, King's Barrel will set to work on marketing and selling. We have years of experience in promoting product in the NS and are very confident in our ability to provide unique tasting experiences and to strategically place your product in the NS market.