Ross-On-Wye Cider and Perry

Peterstow, Herefordshire, UK

Bridgewell Beauty: 500ml, ABV: 6.5%

Order Number: 1024458

Description: Brown Snout, a staple medium bittersweet, with the iconic “stinky/farmhouse” nose and soft tannin. The Brown Snout cider has been aged in oak and then blended with another cider made from an assortment of varieties called the “Bridgewell blend.” Bridgewell is a small orchard consisting of several heirloom varieties. This cider is fruity, with front to mid pallet sharps that compliment the Brown Snout, with a bit of a smoky/funk nose.

Bird Barker: 500ml, ABV: 5.2%

Order Number: 1025267

Description: The new era Medium Dry Sparkling Cider is a blend of bittersharps and bittersweets that has been forced carbonated. Easy to drink for the entry level cider drinker.

Dabinett: 500ml, ABV: 8%

Order Number: 1028001

NoteDabinett, the most incredible of apples, never fails to make a beautiful single variety cider. This oak cask fermented drink has a creamy vanilla flavour that brings joy to the mouth.

Old Orchard Blend: 500ml, ABV: 6.8%

Order Number:1027999 

NoteA well-balanced blend of sharps and bittersweets from the oldest orchard on the farm. A classic Herefordshire cider with softs oak notes.

The Oak Cask Cider500ml, ABV: 7.0%

Order Number: 1024460

NoteA terrific blend of Yarlington Mill and Jazz apples from 2015, which were fermented in an oak cask and then left to mature. Deep rich flavours with balanced acidity and tannin for a complex cider.

Yellow Huffcap Premium Perry: 500ml, ABV: 7.0%

Order Number: 1028000

NoteThis oak cask conditioned perry is filled with the typical zing and tang of Yellow Huffcap. On the swallow, the warmth of a peaty oak cask brings a full flavour. A unique and worthwhile drink.

Domaine Dupont

Pay D'Auge, Normandy, France

Cidre Reserve: 750ml, ABV: 7.5%

Order Number: 1025846

NoteAged six months in casks which had formerly contained calvados. This aging gives it breadth, finesse and complexity.

Cidre Bouche: 750ml, ABV: 5.5%

Order Number: 1025845

NoteMade using the traditional methods of the Pays d'Auge. The fruit forward and fresh mouth shows the flavours of apples and citrus fruits with finesse.

Boar's Back Cider

Aylsford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Boar's Back offers a range of still and bottled conditioned ciders. available on 500ml and 750ml formats. They also provide 10L bag-in-box ciders. For additional information on available products, please contact King's Barrel.